perjantai 18. maaliskuuta 2011

New DLO Vocalist: KARI OLLI

And finally we arrived to the end of the search process! The man breathing delirium in his lungs turned out to be Kari Olli. Kari is known for some as the talented guitarist and vocalist of Pressure Points, a progressive metal band which recently finalized their European tour with Nile. Last Sunday, we tested some parts of our vocals with Kari and the result was awesome!

All the backing guitars are now recorded, just wait until the next week for a couple of samples! Next I and Mika will focus on solo guitars and Erkki on bass.

The studio session of our 3rd album is tentatively scheduled for the end of June 2011. Early Fall 2011 would be the logical release timeframe if everything goes smoothly this time! What could go wrong now?