Lethally violent death metal. Chaotic song structures and viciously technical musicianship. Lyrics based on real-life serial killers. De Lirium’s Order’s music is no picnic.

De Lirium’s Order makes music that makes nerves wreck and eardrums bleed.

Formed in 1998, and developing their unique craft ever since, De Lirium’s Order embodies unmerciful brutality and insanity put to music. The band combines grinding blast beats, übertechnical riffs, catchy thrash-lines, obscure melodies and manic guitar leads into one huge death metal onslaught.

In 2004, the band released their debut album Victim No. 52. This cold-blooded assault received praising response from the critics and death metal fiends worldwide. However, the band kept on sharpening its teeth. The new material lifts the infamous De Lirium sound to new heights.

In the beginning of 2007, the band signed a recording contract with Shadow World Records.

The Strict Order of Delirium entered the notorious Studio Perkele (Deathchain, Shade Empire, Turmion kätilöt etc.) in March 2007 to complete the follow-up to the monumental debut. This time their twisted blend of metal turned out more punishing than ever before. At the same time relentlessly brutal and insanely technical, the record is certainly not for the weak-minded.

"Our goal was to make an extremely sharply executed work of death metal art, where every layer intertwines into one elegant but chaotic stream. The record will probably sound different during the first and the tenth listen, because one can’t quite predict what will happen next", S.M. NekroC describes the coming attack.

Diagnosis was released August 8th, 2007 and it climbed to position #33 on Finnish album charts. The album received excellent reviews world wide.

Now DLO is preparing their new album.