maanantai 25. huhtikuuta 2011

Album Material - Veniversum Samples Available

These versions contain
- Demo machine drums
- Guitars ready for album (not demo)
- Some clean vocals by E. Silvennoinen (clean)
- Some growl vocals performed by undersigned

During the studio session in June we'll add real drums (good luck Ukri!), Olli's vocals, some synth & effects, and of course re-amp the guitars with best possible gear. The album should be out in Fall 2011!

What else... we had our first rehearsals with Ukri and had fun playing together for that evening. The guys played really well even it was the first time. Maybe should create more difficult material to increase the challenge?


lauantai 2. huhtikuuta 2011

Ukri Suvilehto to perform on De Lirium's Order's 3rd studio album

After expecting no changes regarding the line-up before studio (the previous blog post) we found ourselves in a situation where Perttu Kurttila (drums) had to reconsider his 100% commitment to the band. Perttu thought that it would be best for the band if somebody else would do the job. Perttu's time is fully consumed by studio production work and his other band projects (Lithuria, Tracedawn).

Luckily, as I approached Ukri Suvilehto, the young and talented drummer already well-kown by his incredible drum cover videos in Youtube, we soon reached agreement that he will perform on our upcoming album entitled "Veniversum". "UgE" is a fantastic drummer and I can't wait for his contribution!