keskiviikko 29. joulukuuta 2010

Maximum Sentence -demo

In 31st of October we recorded a demo version of Maximum Sentence, a track from our upcoming album. We didn't manage to get Jukka's vocals on tape during that so we faced a classical two month delay. The story continued with broken hard drive (how surprising...) and this forced us to be satisfied with a raw mixdown version. But hey, it's a demo version so why bother polishing the sounds. Anyway, here's the result! Thanks goes to Perttu for producing this (and ofc exploding his disk and not having working backup) and Jukka for the video.

De Lirium's Order - Maximum Sentence (demo version) by De Lirium's Order

The album is progressing smoothly with 7 tracks almost completely ready. We're spending every waken hour to make it perfect. Stay tuned for more news!

perjantai 22. lokakuuta 2010

Studio session 31st October

So... we're going to record one track from our new album, song called "Maximum Sentence", on 31st October. Some cameras will also be rolling then - expect some video footage.

A couple of words on what we've planned for the future. We've reserved two weeks from Seawolf studios to record and mix the new album. This session will span from 7th to 21st of February 2011. The project will be interesting because we have planned to re-amp all guitars and bass. Vocals will probably also be recorded in advance. This means that I, Erkki, and Mika have to record everything in advance and Perttu will play (drums) along the guitar tracks!

It'd be nice to do everything in the studio, enjoy the atmosphere (especially the "nazi-like" commandment of some producer to ensure quality), and do some last minute improvisations. But the reality hits hard - the budget is very limited and there's no assurance that we would even get to break-even after the release. But it's not like I would be complaining. I'm going to release this album no matter what it will take.


torstai 30. syyskuuta 2010

New Basist: Erkki Silvennoinen

Erkki Silvennoinen has joined De Lirium's Order to play bass. Erkki has recently been playing with Northern Kings and he is a former member of Amoral. De Lirium's Order rehearsed with him this week's monday and everything worked great!

lauantai 11. syyskuuta 2010

Victim no. 52 & Sanctuary of Incineration guitar tablatures

Devastator wanted it, now you have it. A couple of old tablatures.

Seriously considering of tabbing also Thy Flesh Consumed and Abducted, what do you think?

Overall, this was quite refreshing experience. How easy this old stuff can be, the new ones require so much more work...

These tabs are created with Guitar Pro. This software can be acquired here, for example.


keskiviikko 8. syyskuuta 2010

Announcement on the New Line-up

TIEDOTE 8.9.2010

Julkaisuvapaa: heti
De Lirium’s Order on uusinut kokoonpanonsa ja valmistelee nyt 3. albuminsa nauhoituksia. Yhtyeen perustaja, kitaristi Juha Kupiainen, on säveltänyt viime vuoden materiaalia tulevalle levylle ja etsinyt samalla uusia soittajia yhtyeen riveihin. Kitaristiksi yhtyeeseen löysi tiensä nopeasti Kupiaisen vanha tuttu Mika Sundvall, joka on luonnollinen valinta aisapariksi Sundvallin vankasta soittotaustasta johtuen. Rumpaliksi yhtyeeseen kiinnitettiin nuori lupaus Perttu Kurttila (Tracedawn, Lithuria), joka tunnetaan sekä rautaisena muusikkona että East Sound studion äänittäjänä. Laulajaehdokkaiden joukosta yhtyeeseen valikoitui Jukka Pihlajaniemeen (The Undivine, ex-Ghoul Patrol), joka on ehtinyt niittää mainetta aiemman, mm. FMA-palkinnon saaneen yhtyeensä kanssa.

De Lirium’s Order etsii riveihinsä nyt basistia, jonka soittotaidot ja omistautuminen palvelevat yhtyettä pitkällä tähtäimellä.

Kuopiossa 1998 perustettu death metal -yhtye De Lirium’s Order ehti julkaista kaksi demoa ennen kiinnitystään Woodcut Recordsille 2003, jonka kautta julkaistiin debyyttialbumi “Victim no. 52”. Yhtyeessä lauloi tuolloin nykyisin Deatchainista tunnettu Corpse. Albumi keräsi kiitosta niin medialta kuin metallin ystäviltäkin. Debyytti sai jatkoa vuonna 2007 yhtyeen julkaistessa Shadow Worldin kautta ”Diagnosis”-albumin, jolle saatiin sessio-solistiksi mm. Sotajumalasta tuttu Mynni Luukkainen. Albumi sai jälleen erittäin hyvät arviot ja kuulijakunnan vastaanotosta kertoo se, että parhaimmillaan levy sijoittui Suomen virallisella levylistalla sijalle 30. Vuosien varrella yhtyeessä on vaikuttanut joukko suomalaisia kovan luokan metallimuusikkoja ja yhtye on vakiinnuttanut asemansa death metallin kotimaisessa kärkikastissa.

Uuden albumin nauhoitukset alkavat helmikuussa 2011. Materiaalin sävellystä ja nauhoituksien etenemistä voi seurata yhtyeen virallisesta blogista osoitteessa:



Announcement, September 8th 2010

Finnish death metal band De Lirium's Order has renewed its lineup and is now getting ready for recording the band's 3rd studio album. Juha Kupiainen, the founder and guitarist, has been composing new material during the past year, and at the same time, seeking new members to the band. A guitarist Mika Sundvall was the first to join, and due to music teaching background and close ties with Kupiainen, he made a perfect candidate for the band looking new talent. DLO's drum battery section has been occupied by young, but skilled Perttu Kurttila, who is previously known from bands Tracedawn and Lithuria, and for some, from East Sound Studios as a recording producer. From a list of gifted candidates, Jukka Pihlajaniemi was selected as the new vocalist with roots in bands The Undivine and Finnish Metal Awards winner Ghoul Patrol.

Formed in 1998, and developing their unique craft ever since, De Lirium’s Order embodies unmerciful brutality and insanity put to music. The band combines grinding blast beats, technical riffs, catchy thrash-lines, obscure melodies and manic guitar leads to create death metal onslaught. In 2003 the band signed a recording contract with Woodcut Records and during the following year the debut album "Victim No. 52", featuring Corpse (now Deathchain) in vocals, was released. This cold-blooded assault received praising response from the critics and death metal fiends worldwide.

In the beginning of 2007, the band signed with Shadow World Records and the album "Diagnosis" was released in August 8th reaching the Finnish charts position #30. This time the vocals were manhandled by Mynni from the leading Finnish death metal act Sotajumala. During the years De Lirium's Order has established it's position among the most appreciated bands in the Finnish death metal genre.

The recording sessions for the new album are scheduled for February 2011. News and insights to the development of the album, composing and pain in general can be followin the band's official blog,

More information:

sunnuntai 22. elokuuta 2010

About the New Album

Hundreads of hours of shredding guitar, hundreads of riffs, about ten songs of which six are ready (composing finished). I have made all the original arrangements and our new guitarist has been mostly working on the supporting guitars. His contribution has quite blown my mind. There's definitely a new twist in the music of De Lirium's Order.

Guitar Pro has been under heavy use for the first time in DLO history. It's totally a new approach for us to compose music. We'll see what comes out coz sometimes I get the habit of overdoing the riffs by using some strange time signatures and inhuman tempo... will we be able to play them on stage? Doesn't matter, the album is all that matters, it will sound great ofc.

Some working titles (not the final ones!) of the songs and background info:
Nominees for the Nobel of Evil (who gets the trophy?)
The Clink (12th-18th century prison at London)
Seppuku (Japanese ritual suicide by disembowelment)
Maximum Sentence (dunno whether this would inspire to write lyrics, maybe with some story to sparkle some ideas)

Check back here regularly, subscribe to RSS or Twitter feed, because there's lots of new stuff coming up. Patience, announcement on the new lineup and some samples of the new stuff will be published very soon. I promise.

sunnuntai 18. heinäkuuta 2010

Manhunt: Drummer and vocalist

Who's the world class death metal drummer to join us? Want to play technical and progressive death metal arrangements with experienced guitarists? Who's the next De Lirium's Order singer? Lots of open questions, lets see what happens.

We posted the application on a couple of sites (in Finnish):
Imperiumi drummer, vocalist

Applications can be emailed to

perjantai 9. heinäkuuta 2010

New old stuff: Tablatures

Here's guitar tabs of two technical DLO songs including lead and solo guitars. Quite technical stuff involved here, if you're crazy enough to play e.g. Necrophagist, try these out...

Drowned in the World of Delirium from album Diagnosis:
Dowload tab (Guitar Pro 5)
Listen at MySpace

The Art of Butchering from album Victim no. 52:

Tabbing was major fun, will publish tabs of the upcoming songs also!

torstai 1. heinäkuuta 2010


This is confusing. I'm actually writing a blog - thing that I thought that wouldn't be happening because of quite extreme rush that tied my hands during the past years. Since releasing 'Victim No. 52', our successful and pioneering debut album in 2003, DLO has been somewhat inactive. In 2007 'Diagnosis' was a success by climbing to Finnish charts but little happened after that. Actually now there is time to dedicate my time resources not only to a new DLO album but also sharing the process with whoever might be interested in reading this. As I don't fully understand what I am doing here (not have written blogs, rarely reading them) I try to list the topics we should have here:
  • Composing: what we're working on, what the product will sound like
  • Producing/recording/audio engineering: how we're realizing the vision
  • Instruments, playing: should I play it on sax or flute?
  • Draft sound clips (maybe asking for feedback during composing stage?)
  • Anything categorized as news
  • Stuff that influences the process, this includes bands, movies, photography
In addition, maybe in the future, tour diary entries (DLO on the road? Yeah right, hope so...) could be posted here. At this stage, this blog will be mostly written by me, but I hope that the other members would contribute too later on.

The intention is to reveal the album creation process and keep it as transparent as possible. It is not the intention to publish only matured ideas here - there must be room for incomplete thoughts and learning. At least I don't want to hide behind the mask of all-knowing.

I've been working on with the new album for some time now. During the past years, a couple of good and a hundred of other riffs have been looping in my mind. During the last 6 months the process took off. Over ten songs are now either ready or partially ready. There's huge amount of 'usable' riffs to be incorporated into existing or new songs. This all means that DLO is active, at least on the composing front. We have planned of releasing an EP during this year. A full length album will follow in 2011.

There are also news concerning the line-up. DLO starts from a fresh table. This required me and others to make hard decisions regarding how DLO will be operating. This lead to the situation that I'm currently the only old member in the band. So at this point I thank E.R. Insane, Dr. Lirium, K.E. Pestilence and J.S. Psycho for their contributions during the last years. Without their contribution we would have not made the two previous albums. I'm not alone at the moment - new members will be announced soon. Some members are still needed: these include an amazing drummer and a world-class vocalist (or two, one for growls and one for cleans).

S.M. NekroC