perjantai 22. lokakuuta 2010

Studio session 31st October

So... we're going to record one track from our new album, song called "Maximum Sentence", on 31st October. Some cameras will also be rolling then - expect some video footage.

A couple of words on what we've planned for the future. We've reserved two weeks from Seawolf studios to record and mix the new album. This session will span from 7th to 21st of February 2011. The project will be interesting because we have planned to re-amp all guitars and bass. Vocals will probably also be recorded in advance. This means that I, Erkki, and Mika have to record everything in advance and Perttu will play (drums) along the guitar tracks!

It'd be nice to do everything in the studio, enjoy the atmosphere (especially the "nazi-like" commandment of some producer to ensure quality), and do some last minute improvisations. But the reality hits hard - the budget is very limited and there's no assurance that we would even get to break-even after the release. But it's not like I would be complaining. I'm going to release this album no matter what it will take.


4 kommenttia:

  1. Aah, this is something that's been waited - new DLO stuff! Happy times.

  2. No joko sitä kohta alkaa tulemaan sitä videopätkää?

  3. Status update: The song is recorded and mixed but vocals are pending. Jukka has been a bit sick lately, unfortunately.

    Maybe in two weeks?

  4. no watchagonnado, ootellaan, no sweat.