sunnuntai 22. elokuuta 2010

About the New Album

Hundreads of hours of shredding guitar, hundreads of riffs, about ten songs of which six are ready (composing finished). I have made all the original arrangements and our new guitarist has been mostly working on the supporting guitars. His contribution has quite blown my mind. There's definitely a new twist in the music of De Lirium's Order.

Guitar Pro has been under heavy use for the first time in DLO history. It's totally a new approach for us to compose music. We'll see what comes out coz sometimes I get the habit of overdoing the riffs by using some strange time signatures and inhuman tempo... will we be able to play them on stage? Doesn't matter, the album is all that matters, it will sound great ofc.

Some working titles (not the final ones!) of the songs and background info:
Nominees for the Nobel of Evil (who gets the trophy?)
The Clink (12th-18th century prison at London)
Seppuku (Japanese ritual suicide by disembowelment)
Maximum Sentence (dunno whether this would inspire to write lyrics, maybe with some story to sparkle some ideas)

Check back here regularly, subscribe to RSS or Twitter feed, because there's lots of new stuff coming up. Patience, announcement on the new lineup and some samples of the new stuff will be published very soon. I promise.

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  1. Nice nice... ootkos muuten ehtiny niistä vanhoista biiseistä väsätä niitä tabeja?

  2. Pari vanhaa biisiä on työn alla. Pitäis jostain löytää muutama tunti viimeistelyyn.

  3. joo ei mitää kiirettä, tee sitte ku vaan ehdit