torstai 1. heinäkuuta 2010


This is confusing. I'm actually writing a blog - thing that I thought that wouldn't be happening because of quite extreme rush that tied my hands during the past years. Since releasing 'Victim No. 52', our successful and pioneering debut album in 2003, DLO has been somewhat inactive. In 2007 'Diagnosis' was a success by climbing to Finnish charts but little happened after that. Actually now there is time to dedicate my time resources not only to a new DLO album but also sharing the process with whoever might be interested in reading this. As I don't fully understand what I am doing here (not have written blogs, rarely reading them) I try to list the topics we should have here:
  • Composing: what we're working on, what the product will sound like
  • Producing/recording/audio engineering: how we're realizing the vision
  • Instruments, playing: should I play it on sax or flute?
  • Draft sound clips (maybe asking for feedback during composing stage?)
  • Anything categorized as news
  • Stuff that influences the process, this includes bands, movies, photography
In addition, maybe in the future, tour diary entries (DLO on the road? Yeah right, hope so...) could be posted here. At this stage, this blog will be mostly written by me, but I hope that the other members would contribute too later on.

The intention is to reveal the album creation process and keep it as transparent as possible. It is not the intention to publish only matured ideas here - there must be room for incomplete thoughts and learning. At least I don't want to hide behind the mask of all-knowing.

I've been working on with the new album for some time now. During the past years, a couple of good and a hundred of other riffs have been looping in my mind. During the last 6 months the process took off. Over ten songs are now either ready or partially ready. There's huge amount of 'usable' riffs to be incorporated into existing or new songs. This all means that DLO is active, at least on the composing front. We have planned of releasing an EP during this year. A full length album will follow in 2011.

There are also news concerning the line-up. DLO starts from a fresh table. This required me and others to make hard decisions regarding how DLO will be operating. This lead to the situation that I'm currently the only old member in the band. So at this point I thank E.R. Insane, Dr. Lirium, K.E. Pestilence and J.S. Psycho for their contributions during the last years. Without their contribution we would have not made the two previous albums. I'm not alone at the moment - new members will be announced soon. Some members are still needed: these include an amazing drummer and a world-class vocalist (or two, one for growls and one for cleans).

S.M. NekroC

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